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Invest in real estate from only £1

It’s time for everyone to get on the property ladder. You don’t need £10,000+ to get started anymore.


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Meet Proptee

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    Lots of properties,
    nothing to manage

    “I love filling in forms and replacing boilers” — said no landlord ever. Investing in real estate shouldn’t be this hard. We manage the properties, so you can enjoy life.

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    Invest as much
    as you want

    We know not everyone has £25,000+ to buy or mortgage a property. Now you can save your spare change in property. Not a privilege of the rich anymore.

  • 🗓

    Start earning now,
    not in 6 months

    It takes 3–6 months to find a property, get a mortgage and search for tenants. Proptee makes buying and selling properties instantaneous, so you earn rent from day 1.

3 steps to passive income

  • 1

    Browse the market.

    We show you photos, rent projections, tenant information and all the data you need to make informed investment decisions.

  • 2

    Buy & sell shares.

    Each property on Proptee is split in smaller parts called shares, like on the London Stock Exchange. Each share costs a few pennies, so you can invest as much as you want.

  • 3

    Build a diversified portfolio.

    Lower risk by diversifying your portfolio. Buy properties in London, Birmingham, Manchester and other cities across England. All in a few taps.

  • $

    Get paid every month.

    Every month, our properties receive rent from tenants. We distribute this back to you based on how many shares you own.

Better with Proptee

  • Commission-free

    We don’t charge any fees, so you keep all the profit and get the high yield you deserve.

  • Better than stocks

    Investing on Proptee has less risk than the stock market or buying your own investment property.

  • Property management

    Professional agencies manage every property and distribute the rent back to you every month.

  • Money protection

    We keep your cash safe in a ring-fenced bank account and are pursuing FCA authorisation.

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🔒 We'll send you updates about Proptee. We will never share your email with anyone.

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Proptee does not provide investment advice and individual investors should make their own decisions or seek independent advice. The value of investments can go up as well as down and you may receive back less than your original investment.

Proptee is a trading name of Proptee Holdings Ltd registered in England and Wales (no. 12528917), pursuing authorisation by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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